Florida's Conservative Fighter

Meet Jerry Torres

Jerry Torres is a Green Beret, entrepreneur, and philanthropist – but most importantly, a proud American. 

About Jerry

Jerry is running for Congress to restore the value of a hard-earned dollar, make our communities safer, slash bureaucratic red tape, and uphold the values that make America great. He built his career in service to this nation and is running for Congress to be YOUR voice in Washington. 

Integrity . Courage . Committment
jerry Torres

“Our American Way is under threat. Rampant inflation, high gas prices, failing schools, open borders, and rising crime are making life harder for us Floridians. It’s time for rapid and profound changes, and that’s why I’m running to serve you in Congress.” 

History And Values

A Floridian, Jerry enlisted in the military inspired by his father’s career in the armed services. Jerry served for nearly 30 years and was a decorated Green Beret. 

After his distinguished military career,  he founded Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, which provided critical services to a variety of government agencies and NGOs, including the Department of State, Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security. Jerry’s leadership and heart for service built Torres AES into a billion-dollar powerhouse, creating thousands of jobs and protecting American interests around the world. 

Jerry is a proud father to his daughter, Valeria, and a strategic philanthropist who dedicates himself to lifting up the most vulnerable and protecting the world’s natural treasures. 

He looks forward to representing Florida’s 14th District in Washington and is committed to serving our communities. 
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